Quiet Your Soul: The Beginning!

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For Months, and when I say months I mean probably closer to a year or more, God has been shouting and screaming the same verse to me:

Be still, and know that I am God.
My knees were raw (figuratively!) from praying over and over, asking Him what he was trying to tell me, where was he telling me to go? After endless amounts of prayer and asking anyone in my path I decided that he must be asking me to be quiet, to listen and not to talk. I sat, I waited, I listened. I enjoyed His presence, I loved spending time just sitting. Still, no answers came. I started to doubt that He was speaking to me at all. I repeatedly asked others, who were with me when the verse kept coming up, what it meant. Still, no answers came. I felt hopeless with this verse tormenting me, or I felt was tormenting me. I felt like I was missing this massive point, a path that he wanted me to take, a job he wanted me to do. I was failing Him, I was letting Him down.

During all this, I was actually going through a tough time in my personal life, I had been very ill. I don't hide my personal life, my struggles with mental health problems and I have seen others come to Jesus because of my own trials. At the same time the details are not terribly relevant but feel free to ask me if you wish to know. I trust Him completely when it comes to all my health problems and He knows me and what I'm going through and that there is a real reason as to why I haven't been healed thus far. People have prayed for years for my healing, and yes, I have had some fantastic years of peace and recovery, but it always rears it's ugly head again.

Be still, and know that I am God.
No matter where I went, what I did, what I read, it was there. I started trawling the internet, reading blog after blog, article after article drinking in the different thoughts and interpretations of what this verse meant. Still, no answers came.

Browsing Instagram one day, not really looking for anything, probably just killing time. There it was again, Like a small child pulling on my coat tail, or parent shouting up the stairs to tell me dinner is ready. It was everywhere!!! A stunning picture of some Bible journaling.

 Neelysphoto ~ Be Still & Know

I commented on the picture, not expecting to hear anything new but then when does God do something predictable! She told me that maybe it was just "that simple" and He wanted me to "be still" and the next thing my phone "dinged" with another reply... There it was, finally. 

The Answer Came!!

I cried, a lot. I had waited for this moment for the pieces of the jigsaw to click. For my brain, for me, to finally understand what it was He was telling me. It really was that simple.

I know sometimes I try to find the deeper reason within a situation or when a verse speaks to me. Sometimes I think that it's simple and we complicate it. "Be still. I got this. Everything is ok." 
 I am so blessed that this beautiful woman of God crossed my path, and don't get me wrong, I barely know her but I feel like we connected for a reason, I feel like there is more coming in our relationship. She has reinspired me, not just with her explanation but with her art as well, her Bible journaling. I feel like the spirit is urging me on, pushing me. I still see the verse everywhere so I thought a blog would be a good way to keep reminding myself, and maybe others, that sometimes we just need to "Be Still", we need to quiet our soul and remember that "God's got this, we don't need to worry".

God Bless,


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