Haste Not Waste

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Enthusiasm Without Knowledge Is No Good; Haste Makes Mistakes. ~ Proverbs 19:2

I'm constantly telling my 6 year old to be more conscientious with her homework because she knows her little Ipad is sitting there for her to send e-mails to our family. She is bright and loves to learn but sometimes she gets ahead of herself. She's the same with reading, she reads what she thinks she sees rather than what is actually there. Sometimes she misses a joke or rhyme in her reading because she's 10 steps ahead of herself.

Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes  ~  Proverbs 19:2

Sometimes we need to just. STOP. Take a deep breath and look at everything through fresh eyes. I'm sure as children we all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare, well it's true of life too, it has a real moral to it! If you somehow managed to miss the story, the tortoise and the hare have a race. The hare is convinced that it will win because he's so much faster than the tortoise and rushes off. Having a good head start he sits down to have a rest and fell asleep. The tortoise had walked slowly and steadily and eventually won the race. We really need to pay attention to this, the hare had the enthusiasm but also a lack of knowledge otherwise he would have taken a rest after he won the race!

Hare And Tortoise Watercolour Picture, Artist Unknown

It's so easy to jump on Google (or any other search engine!) and find a half answer to something, the amount of people I know who have self-diagnosed an illness, by deciding they have a medical degree just because they have the internet at their fingertips, is unreal! Mind you, I didn't have that as a child, and I'm not that old!! If I had wanted to know how to spell something I picked up a dictionary, or if I was going somewhere, a map! Now we have so much access to information we can miss the point completely.

We are expected to have the answers now, life expects us to be able to accomplish more, have careers, kids, the house, the car, the marriage, the family, the perfect holiday's and clothes, and so it goes on. Life is meant to be easier with all this "help" but sometimes we try so hard to get more done that we miss a message or story or even a fact. So many times I have read a note or appointment, putting it into my calendar and turning up a week early because I've missed that it's actually the next week, or a different location to where I thought because I've been so rushed to get all the information down.

Our lives are so fast paced they are just passing us by and we don't even see it. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm as guilty as the next person for doing it. I sometimes realise it's been a few days and I haven't done a good Bible study, or spent some time in stillness with God. Haste makes mistakes, it's true. If we are so rushed in life we are going to miss the real message, the real time with God, getting to know Him truly and fully. We will miss the moral of the stories in the Bible, the time in stillness, and the realisation of what He has done for us.

Today, why don't you just STOP.

God Bless,


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